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New Forest, Hampshire. Bentham Geoconsulting assist the Environment Agency with a geophysical survey of an illegal landfill site

MOD Larkhill. Resistivity Imaging & Conductivity Surveys - Mapping tunnel locations related to a WW1 practice trench system


Geophysical Survey Consultants and Contractor Services:-

Geophysical surveys can be deployed to provide engineering and environmental geophysics information which could only otherwise be obtained through intrusive inspection or excavation. A full geophysical survey can represent a substantial cost saving when compared to traditional blind site investigation since the risks of unknown site issues are vastly reduced.


  • Brownfield redevelopment - walk over check surveys of remediated housing developments / locate in-situ culverts/pipes and concrete slabs
  • Soil electrical resistivity and earth testing at wind farm projects / Wenner 4 pole
  • In-situ soil thermal resistivity / conductivity for cable rating calculations
  • Pollution control interceptors - electronic trial pits using GPR to find an ideal location
  • Archaeology
  • Landfill - formation level surveys for voids & faults / location of waste types & internal bunds / location of lost or historic cells / leachate plumes
  • Forensics - Police searches
  • Mine shafts and mining related subsidence
  • Unexploded ordnance UXO
  • Pipelines and route surveys / soil corrosivity
  • Voids, caves and sinkholes
  • Geology - stratigraphy / depth to rockhead / faults
  • Infilled quarry boundaries / opencast boundaries
  • Civil engineering - site obstructions / remediation verification / in-situ foundations & cellars
  • Slope stability - overburden topography / faults / water ingress
  • Structural engineering - masonary arch bridges / chimney flues / reinforcement mapping / water ingress
Our consultancy services include recommending the most reliable geophysical survey methods for the particular problem, design and review of surveys for tender purposes and also the ability to conduct geophysical surveys and analysis.

Although often perceived as a last resort, geophysical methods should be included in the initial project conception as a means to provide wide-area coverage and to indicate areas for traditional trial-pits, boreholes or break-outs. Borehole and trial pits only provide tiny glimpses into the subsurface and yet are commonly used to define a site model. Time and time again we see cases where traditional methods missed targets of concern (sometimes by a few metres) causing delays and follow on costs far in excess of any geophysical survey cost. In these days of high costs and due diligence can you afford not to have the most comprehensive information to hand for your design?