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You have a problem site or structure, you know the type of data you wish to collect but how can you maximise the data from that project? You don't always want to send an engineer to site to download the data periodically. You want an alarm? We can help!

Bentham Geoconsulting Limited are specialists in the installation of medium to long-term monitoring solutions. We can offer monitoring solutions that are truly remote. We call this service "structure to web" whereby data from on-site monitoring systems is made available for viewing via the web using a standard browser.

Our service comprises expert advice on the most cost effective and reliable methods for the job. We can supply the equipment and staff to install and support your chosen solution or we can supply you with a kit allowing your staff to install the system. We are particularly careful to make it clear that whatever the problem there is often a solution suitable for your budget.

Applications :-

  • Strain monitoring - bridges, tunnels, towers, internal steelwork.
  • Height variations - tidal induced.
  • Flow monitoring - flood warnings.
  • Slope and cliff stability.
  • Vibration and alarms at sensitive equipment sites e.g. substations, telecoms, medical.
  • Proof testing new / existing products e.g. scissor lifts / mast loading.