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Instrumentation and Monitoring Solutions:-

Depending upon budget and the type of project we can install measurement systems which record data locally or which send data out to the web automatically.

Structure to Web:-

Giving you greater flexibility and making the whole process less daunting, many of your longer term monitoring projects can be assessed from your office. From single structural monitoring installations to multiple sites, all the data can be delivered to your internet browser via the web.

In simple terms a single installation would consist of a set of monitoring transducers (strain, displacement and tilt for example) attached to a data-logger. Complex software running on a small site-PC allows the data to be automatically formatted and instantly assessed. Based upon pre-agreed thresholds the data can be sent to the web via GSM or landline as a normal update or an alarm update. Alarm updates are often accompanied by an SMS message to your designated staff. Over time a dataset is built up and held on our servers which can be used as an indication of sudden change requiring closure or used in routine condition monitoring engineering data.

 Structure to Web Advantages:-

  • Automatic reporting - hourly, daily.
  • Alarms via e-mail, SMS, audible warnings.
  • Instant update of web data after alarm. Categorise the severity of the alarm.
  • Dial-in access to permit remote maintenance.
  • Dramatically reduced site attendance (maintenance visits excepted).
  • Instant reporting. We can tailor the output to your presentation needs.

Non-Web Monitoring:-

Non-web monitoring services would consist of short to medium term monitoring solutions. Indeed some instruments are not designed to allow remote operations. In these situations information would be collected using an on-site data-logger or downloaded direct to a laptop by member of staff. Periodic site visits would need to be made to download the data and to check on the system operation and power state.